Country Junction Moment featuring Sun & Moon

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
From Country Junction Episode 20. Sun and Moon featuring Brenda Cole.

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  • Sunshine
    by Sunshine 3 years ago
    Thanks for loading this. We had a great time on Country Junction in Kentucky and we appreciate your helping us Jerry Mac. This is a song I wrote from the cd Sunshine Shine!!! on Melody Dawn Records (c)2014 Melody Lady Music BMI
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 3 years ago
    You are welcome Sunshine.
  • loretta
    by loretta 3 years ago
    great song
  • johnnybgood5289
    by johnnybgood5289 2 years ago
    Great singing you sound like you don't only sing about Jesus you live it,great guitar playing to GBY both!
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