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Country Lou Watson
Country Lou Watson is a person and a singer with a friendly down-to-earth manner. He combines his knowledge of working class American life with his ability to communicate lyrics with grace and effortless confidence. He’s worked alongside regular folks from coast to coast and performed country music for thousands of people cut from the same cloth. He transfers a confidence into people that make them feel good about themselves.
Country Lou Watson knows how country music relates to everyday struggles of hard working people. He understands how a good song can touch people’s lives and speaks to their hearts. As an entertainer who toiled out of the limelight in Texas Barrooms and Country Fairs, he knows how listeners react to a from the heart performance. Crowds are amazed with his ability to communicate lyrics in Spanish as well as English.
A real life Cowboy, Country Lou Watson grew up on his parents South Texas Ranch in a large family of eight brothers and one sister. When talking about his family, he notes “My parents raised us with the philosophy that we can be anything we want to be in life if we want it badly enough. When you have a goal and a dream, you have patience and you never stop until you get there.”
At a very young age, he entered the Wrangler Star Search Contest in Del Rio, Texas and won first place. He went on to win the State Finals which landed him a recording deal with Casino Records in Memphis, Tennessee. Before long he was leading his own band and opening shows. He earned the opportunity to perform at the Louisiana Hayride and also appeared with Mel Tillis, Conway Twitty, Gene Watson, Johnny Russell and Fanfest ’94 Los Angeles, California.
Country Lou Watson’s professional training includes acting, taught by Hollywood Actress Arlene Golonka from the Andy Griffith Show and Matlock.
In 2009 Lou was presented the Country Music Male Artist of the year from the Texas International Music Association. He has been nominated for the Musician of the Year by the Texas State Musician Committee and he has been nominated for the Texas Cultural Artist Award for 2011
When reflecting back on his past experience, Country Lou Watson explains, “Country Music has always been an influence on me. It’s what I always thought life was all about, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the ability to pick yourself up and brush yourself off.”

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  • johnnybgood5289
    by johnnybgood5289 3 years ago
    I enjoy your songs!
  • johnnybgood5289
    by johnnybgood5289 3 years ago
    Very nice!
  • B.J.
    by B.J. 3 years ago
    Just want to say How Much!! Kent and Appreciate and Respect your Talent and the Awesome friendship we have , Your my Kent and my TRUE!! Brother, We Love Ya!!!! and without really have to say this "Keep It Real Country!! "
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 3 years ago
    Happy Birthday Lou