Al Kessinger

Al Kessinger

76 years old
July 14, 1942
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Mobile/Telephone: 317-632-0112
Indianapolis, IN
United States
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I am a 72 year old blind man who is married to Jo. I have 5 living kids and 2 deceased, my wife also has 5 kids. I write books and Country songs.

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  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 1 year ago
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - "THE WORLD'S GREATEST INTERNATIONAL INDIE OPRY" presented by JERRY MAC & FRIENDS LIVE AT FACEBOOK INVITES YOU TO JOIN US FOR A GOOD TIME. WHEN WE ARE LIVE, FACEBOOK WILL LET ALL MY OVER 4 THOUSAND FRIENDS KNOW. Our regular times for shows are no later than 8 PM eastern time every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. We will always be there on those days and times. We do shows at other unscheduled times, & facebook will notify you when we go live at those times. If you are not a member of facebook, you should be. Find me at facebook at .
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 2 years ago
    Happy Birthday
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 3 years ago
    happy birthday
  • B.J.
    by B.J. 3 years ago
    "Happy Birthday" Al Kessinger!!
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 3 years ago
    Al Kessinger has some good videos at CMP. Check them out at