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This is a 24 hour per day, 7 day a week station that plays country music of the legends and independents.

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  • RJ
    by RJ 1 year ago
    Brilliant music 5Stars*****
  • J. D.
    by J. D. 1 year ago
    Even The Bad Times Are Good...brought back a lot of memories-enjoyed it
  • Stonewash
    by Stonewash 1 year ago
    Sitting here in Sunderland Tyne and Wear England listening to great country music delivered by the best DJ around Jerrymac, just love it, Cheers
  • JackieCarlyle
    by JackieCarlyle 1 year ago
    What great stations and artists! I love it!
  • Alfie
    by Alfie 2 years ago
    Beautiful songs.I am enjoying. Thanks God Bless.
  • Lee Bean Pot Dodge
    by Lee Bean Pot Dodge 2 years ago
    Awesome songs Al
    Love um all so far what I've herd.
  • lui
    by lui 2 years ago
    happy with this site good music
  • Cowboy-Lone
    by Cowboy-Lone 3 years ago
    Thank you for I can be your friend here.
    Hope you like my songs, and will play them on your radio.
    Good Luck to all.
    God Bless You All.
  • Buddy
    by Buddy 3 years ago
    Good Morn-in I had a song released Tue June 30th to all Radio Stations in Texas called Lights of Austin. July 1 st my cd was released World Wide at 3000 per day Radio Stations and total of 14.993 all together. I was wondering if youd like me to send my CD Lghts Of Austin title song & a total of 12 songs & 2 of them as a duett. It Is a new style of Texas Rock-A-Billy Honkytonk of my own style. just a new beginning of whats to come. I also wrote a story and then became a 4 hour film script & also written a Drictors script etc. I have it with a Film Company I've been with now since 1998 Lone Star Pictures Inc. It's been an long time process and finally found a distibutor for my cd. Sony corp & Ramco Dist. I have my own company as Buddy Durbin Entertainment and lately have been away for a while take-in care of my wife Mary with cancer who is now 90% cured and in hopes & prayers she will soon be rid of cancer' and we can get back to our normal lives. we're both looking forward to a new beginning' and what a great way to start' having a new lease on life and to have another comeback in the music industry' i had performed 44 years on the road and yet to have been known to have national expo' just as in an regions 5-8 years in different 8-9 states at a time. Thanks for your friendship and for my long time friend jerry Mac for bring so many of us together. thanks to the internet' it has brought ole time friends & family & even new friends into our lives. Thanks' Buddy
  • Lezlie
    by Lezlie 3 years ago
    Thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Birthday:)