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Even though I had more success with "Sweet Lies", "Ballen Keen", "Legend Of Ernest Tubb", and Whiskey Dreams", I have 2 favorite songs that I recorded, "Coming Down Alone" and "Million Dollar Memories". I must say that my all time favorite song that was ever recorded by anyone was my good friend David Houston's recording of "Almost Pursuaded". My greatest musical influences were Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Dean Martin and Elvis Presley. My greatest non musical hero has to be John Wayne, and the greatest thrill I have ever had musically was Playing guitar with Carl Perkins.
I want all my fans to know that just because I make music for a living, that my feet are still stuck to the ground and that I am not too much different from most of them. My favorite food is steak and breakfast foods. I love reading western books, especially those written by Louis La 'more. On nights I am not performing I really like going to movies, and my favorite movies are "Eldorado", "Texas Across The River" and "The Rock".
What the folks see on stage when I am there is Bobby Caraway, entertainer. What I am off stage is Bobby Caraway, human being.
I want to thank all my fans for supporting me throughout the years, and I certainly appreciate their continued support, because nothing I did in the past is as important as what I am going to do today.
Bobby Caraway

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