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  • Amber
    by Amber 8 months ago
    Great to be friends BJ
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 1 year ago
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - "THE WORLD'S GREATEST INTERNATIONAL INDIE OPRY" presented by JERRY MAC & FRIENDS LIVE AT FACEBOOK INVITES YOU TO JOIN US FOR A GOOD TIME. WHEN WE ARE LIVE, FACEBOOK WILL LET ALL MY OVER 4 THOUSAND FRIENDS KNOW. Our regular times for shows are no later than 8 PM eastern time every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. We will always be there on those days and times. We do shows at other unscheduled times, & facebook will notify you when we go live at those times. If you are not a member of facebook, you should be. Find me at facebook at .
  • KellyLeeJames
    by KellyLeeJames 1 year ago
    B.J. Do you have any videos out?
  • KellyLeeJames
    by KellyLeeJames 1 year ago
    I really like your version of Crying Time, You remind me of Leona Williams, You have a great voice.
  • charlie girl
    by charlie girl 1 year ago
    B.J you are so wonderful..
  • JackieCarlyle
    by JackieCarlyle 1 year ago
    Hi BJ, You have a gorgeous voice. You're the kind of singer a writer loves to write for wow! Blessings to you, Jackie Carlyle
  • Mulholland
    by Mulholland 2 years ago
    Thanks for the birthday greeting :-)
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 2 years ago
    Happy Birthday
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 2 years ago
    I guess you owe me on BJ
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 2 years ago
    BJ, you have good songs with good singing and good production, but remember this. No matter how good the singer, song, or production is, without the right promotion it does not mean much. When you get ready to have your song promoted by someone that can get your song to the top of the charts, call me at 610-518-1122.