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Tonya Marie Faris is one of the true voices of Americana, Southern, and Tennessee Music at a time when the genre is experiencing a rebirth. This is secondary to a desire from people to hear what music with meaning.

Ms. Faris is the heiress of a legacy that dates back to Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and the Woodstock Concert of 1969. She was born in Tennessee with Native American Roots on her mother's side and started to sing and compose at the age of five.

At the age of 15, Ms. Faris shared the stage with Little Jimmy Dickens and performed throughout Knoxville, Tennessee during the 1980's. The places where she performed were Manhattans, King Creoles, and Sassy Ann's Blue Bar.

When the 1980's evolved into the 90's, Ms. Faris entered a songwriting contest where she met the Dolly Parton and members of her family. She won the Horizon Award for New Songwriter of the year.

Throughout the 90's and the 21st Century, Ms. Faris performed at The Louie Blues Festival and in Woodstock NY.
Ms.Faris Biggest asset are the ability to write a song music and lyrics in 5 minutes or less, Ms.Faris had done this since the age of 5.

Ms.Faris extolled in Americana and Southern Music. She managed to maintain Americana and Southern Music at a time when others left the genre to dedicate themselves to other issues.

Besides Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan, Ms. Faris' music is influenced by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash,, Ben Harper, and Bessie Smith. It was through visualizing the films of Elvis [and listening to his music] that Ms. Faris learned how to perform on stage.

The same from Janis Joplin was to form the basis of Ms. Faris' true voice in Americana Music with the truth. In a previous article published in Merinews [2008] of India, the underwriter proclaimed Ms. Faris as the Southern Belle of Americana Music.

After listening to her songs on her CD which deals with the truth and soul [regardless of being painful or not] Ms. Faris deserves another title. Before arriving at that, another reason suffices in her music and this is the promotion of peace and understanding to the world regardless of origins and age.

It is for the above reason that Tonya Marie Faris is awarded [permanently] the following title: Queen of Americana, Southern, and Tennessee Music.

I am a songwriter hoping to collaborate with others or a musician looking for a songwriter with which to collaborate?

If you are a Musician and looking for lyricists for collaboration give me a shout.

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  • tonya4u
    by tonya4u 1 year ago
    Thank you for your friendship B.J
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    by tonya4u 1 year ago
    Thank you Jerry
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    by tonya4u 1 year ago
    Thank you so much B.J
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    by B.J. 1 year ago
    Great Song!!!!!! Love them!!!
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    by tonya4u 1 year ago
    thank you for the advice Jerry I didnt know how to download the video from youtube
  • Jerry Mac
    by Jerry Mac 1 year ago
    Very good songs and singing
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    by Stonewash 1 year ago
    Rocking there Tony girl, cheers Houndog