Nov 7th

Thank You

By Frances
Thank you for accepting me on your great site and please welcome my artist, Nashville Recording Artist, Chad Reinert.   Many many thanks!!!   
Oct 16th

Sue walton Promotions/ artists

By Suew
Thank you for having us all on board wth this amazing group. Please welcome my artist, Cheyenne West/ Loaded Gun... Danielle Rancie/ End Of The World... Jessann Lightning River/ Let The Children Come... South Bound Train/ TNT. Thank you all so much!
Oct 14th

Promote your Song To World Wide Radio

By Jerry Mac

Country Music Radio Promotion by The Country Music Planet
Worldwide radio promotion by The Country Music Planet & Jerry Mac and Friends the 21st century way.

   Hello! I am Jerry Mac. If you are a talented country, bluegrass, or country flavored gospel artist, we can definitely get you maximum radio promotion throughout Planet Earth. We are currently sending music to between 700 & 800 stations world wide. We use the most effective and least expensive way to get your music promoted to radio.

   I, personally, have spent over 50 years promoting entertainers. Believe me when I tell you that no one on Planet Earth knows how to promote an entertainer better than I do (NO BRAG JUST FACT). Pay close attention to what we will do for you before you make up your mind.

Why You Have To “Promote” Your Music To Radio

Now that you have taken the time to write, record and make a great record, you must put together a viable “plan of action” with respect to obtaining airplay if you hope to have any reasonable chance of success. One of the most misunderstood facts of marketing a record is how and why you must promote it to radio. Sending your release to radio, and actually getting airplay are two separate things. The most common misunderstanding of artists releasing music to radio is that they believe that if you send it to radio, and if everyone starts playing it, then it's a hit. And if they don’t start playing it, then it’s no good. This is not how radio works.

We use DPKs (Digital Promo Kits) to get your music to radio world wide.

More than likely, you know what compilation CDs are. Well! It's the 21st Century, and now is the time for compilation DPKs.

Anyone can listen to these songs, but only authorized radio stations can download the songs. We refuse to place low quality music or bad songs or bad singers on our DPKs. You will be in great company on any of our DPKs. You can get your music on our next DPK which we will begin promoting to radio on Oct 15, 2015. Dead line for getting music and payment to us is Oct 10, 2015. Get them to us as soon as you can to make sure we have room for your music. This is a good time to promote Christmas music along with country, bluegrass, or gospel.

Cost: ONLY $70.00 per song

You can send payment by going to and paying by debit card or cred card or by paypal by sending payment to or you can mail payment to Jerry Mac; 1 Black Hawk Circle #D6; Downingtown, PA 19335. If you have any questions, call Jerry Mac at 610-518-1122.

These slots will fill up quick so do it now if you want to be on our next DPK.

Send music to us by CD to the same address where you send payment or send MP3 to

Oct 1st

WMAC Radio Comes To CMP

By Jerry Mac
WMAC (a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week show) comes to CMP. Go to to listen.
Sep 27th

CMP Offers Networking To All Country Music Lovers

By Jerry Mac

Howdy, This is Jerry Mac, and everyone connected with CMP is proud to annouce that this netork has been created to help all in the country music family to network with each other. Let me know if I can be of any help. You can contact me through my profile at the network or by email at or by phone at 610-518-1122.