Jun 8th

Jerry Mac Wins Award For Poetry

By Jerry Mac

Award presented to Jerry Mac.


Jun 6th

Biography Dutch Country Singer Ine Wagenvoort

By Ine

The singing career of Ine Wagenvoort



Ine was born on the 28th of March 1959 in Warnsveld, a small town near Zutphen in the Netherlands.

As a baby Ine was always smiling, cheerful and singing the whole day. As a toddler she already told her parents, what she wanted to be in the future : a singer ! At that time her parents had their own family band called "The White Stars", and made Hawaiian music. Ine's mother was the singer of the band and her father accompanied her mother on the guitar while her uncle played the steel guitar in the band. Ine grew up in a very musical family.It was therefore not surprising that at the age of four Ine already began singing children's songs, accompanied by her father on the guitar. She practiced every day and Ine always tremendously enjoyed this study hour and it made her very happy. Ine’s  father was working as a psychiatric nurse at the P.C.  Borsthuis in Hengelo. Later this name would be changed to Trivium. One day, the director of the nursing home asked Ine's father, if Ine and his other guitar students,would give several performances for the very old and sick patients who felt so bored and very depressed. Of course they accepted and so it happened. It was rewarding and it was the beginning of Ine's singing career. They performed successfully for many years in the nursing home. At the age of 18 Ine met her future husband, who was also in the music business. Shortly after this they married. Ine perfomed singing, accompanied by her husband on the guitar. She won many prizes in talent contests throughout the country and gained more fame. Meanwhile, Ine and her husband also became the proud parents of two beautiful daughters and a beautiful son. Their happiness seemed te be ever lasting. Ine saw these wonderful children, as a culmination of the love between her and her husband. But one day - her daughters must have been about 3 or 4 years old and her son  9 months old - her husband left her for another woman. The world collapsed for Ine and she seemed inconsolable.Ine started now with solo performances and in addition to that writing and composing her own songs. It was the Austrian Record Company Tyrolis that discovered Ine. They were very much impressed by Ine 's voice timbre, much reminiscent to the Canadian Country and ballad singer Ann Murray. In the year 1993, Ine's first single CD "Peace and Harmony" was released in the Netherlands and obviously she was very proud. On the CD there were  two self composed songs about the terrible war at that time going on in the Former Yugoslavian Republic . It was Ine's emphatically wish, that in cooperation with the Dutch Red Cross, all the revenues of her newly released CD single would benefit the war victims of the Former Yugoslavian Republic. And so it happened that Ine gathered Dfl 10.000 for food, clothing and medicine for the poor people. Meanwhile Ine got fantastic reviews in newspapers, especially in the rural country magazine Country Gazette. Ine received throughout the country invitations to perform.  As a result of Ine's success, the Austrian record  company decided to release an entire album of Ine with the title: "For my Friends." Ine composed seven original songs for this album, that first came out in 6 European countries but now is being sold globally. In Austria, the first song from her album titled "Turn around"  was a big hit. Ine was also nominated in 1994 as the most promising talent in the Country Scene and best country singer of the year. In 1997 there was a Dutch record company called "Ivory Tower", that wanted to record  a CD with the title "Als een Fata Morgana". Again, Ine composed, together with her producer two Dutch and German songs. Meanwhile Ine noticed more and more how hard it was for her to combine motherhood with her singing career. She finally decided to give priority to the first and to educate her three children and yet only temporarily, stop her singing career. At this time her children are adults and go their own way and this gives Ine space to restart her singing career. She now performs quite a lot in Germany and the Netherlands as a country singer with a successful, swirling country show at weddings, corporate and country parties and at any other party. On 4 december 2012, Ine's new CD-Single en DVD has been released and is called: Keep your head high. The music and Lyric is by Erik van Egmond. This song was dedicated to Ine 's son, Robin Wagenvoort, who three years ago, became seriously ill. Fortunately Robin is recovering and you can watch him in the video clip while he is playing the steel guitar. Ine wanted to cheer Robin up by singing this song for him and giving Robin a lot of strength and courage.

You can buy and order the CD or DVD by sending an email to:i.wagenvoort@kpnmail.nl Or of course book Inewww.inewagenvoort.nl  You can also reache her by phone: 0031-6-42498553.


Ine Wagenvoort has been nominated this year twice, for the European Golden Country Oscar 2013 and the European Country Music Euro Masters 2013!


Ine Wagenvoort, a Dutch beauty with a beautiful voice that can’t be forgotten











May 25th

Terry Lawrence Entertainer/Lead Vocalist/Keyboardist/Child Actor

By Terry

"My New Album "All My Lovin" has finally arrived and is available for purchase on iTunes and other digital stores, Spotfiy, Pandora, etc. Also available for purchase is my first album "I Can't Get Enough oF You". Songs from both albums are currently being played on www.bostoninternetradio.com on Papa Joe's 'Spotlight On Fantastic Friends' Show, oldiesplus.com, www.walncableradio.com , wnriradio.com 1380 Jack Rivers Show, and others. Contact Terry @ (626) 533-3170 

My websites are:



As a child actor in Hollywood I appeared in films with Abbott and Costello, Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McRae, and many other well known actors of the 50’s and 60’s.  My television appearances include shows ranging from The Lone Ranger and The Millionaire, to The Lawrence Welk Show and The Eddie Fisher Show. However, as I reached my teen years it was an interest in music that took me forward in my career. As a guitarist, piano player, and vocalist I have worked with many of the world’s finest musicians including the Righteous Brothers, Ike and Tina Turner, Little Richard, and the great Louie Prima. While spending many of hours in recording studios working on dozens of albums and single releases with a variety of performers, I began a long nightclub career singing the songs that span the years from the 40’s to today’s hits to entertain audiences throughout Southern California.

As a little guy, I always asked my Dad if I could be on T.V. so he picked me up and put me on top of the television set. After I got mad at him, he decided to let me have my way and got me an agent and signed me up for Actor's Screen Guild. I had my first roll as an actor in Hollywood in the T.V. series The "Millionaire" as an orphan. Maybe he was trying to give me away, Ha Ha. After that, I appeared in a film with Abbott and Costello called "Dance With Me Henry" in 1956 and one with Barbara Stanwyck and Joel Mac Rae in 1957 called "Trooper Hook" which still appears on The Western Channel (Stars), Encore, Turner Classics and AMC. It has been on 5 times this month already and has played many times for the last few years. You have to look for it! (I guess I was crazy but I didn't tell too many people in school about my acting because I was kind of modest at the time). Now in these days who in the hell cares.
My television appearances included shows ranging from The Lone Ranger and "The Millionaire", to The Lawrence Welk Show (sang with the Lennon Sisters in 1957),The Eddie Fisher Show, Art Linkletter commercials for Pillsbury and Franco American Spagetti, the first Jiff Peanut Butter commercial in "1960" and a Cracker Jack commercial with Johnny Crawford of "The Riffleman" and Jay North of "Dennis The Menace". I also played a 10 year old Elvis Presley with side burns on the "Tennesse Ernie Ford Show". My brother Robert Lawrence was on the Donna Reed Show in the 1963 Christmas episode as Mike with Buster Keaton as Santa Claus. 
What exciting times and what an opportunity!
Then at age 11 at that time, there weren't very many parts for kids my age until they reached the age of about 17, so the last thing I appeared in was a 1961 Ford commericial with Veronica Cartwright, who later became a famous actress after appearing in the 1980 movie "Aliens". By the way, her younger sister was Angela Cartwright who was Linda in Danny Thomas' "Make Room for Daddy" TV series. Later She was in the series "Lost In Space". I probably should have gone back into the movies by the age of 17 like Veronica did, but an interest in music took me into a different direction in my career. 
As a Soloist/Entertainer/Lead Vocalist/keyboardist, and Guitarist, I've worked and have shared the stage with many musicians and stars over the years including, Comedian Rich Little, Frank Gorshin at Harrahs Reno, Skiles and Henderson, Judy Lynn, Player, The Supremes, War, The Coasters, Drifters, Bo Diddley, Trini Lopez, Jose Feliciano, The Fearsome Foursome with Rosie Greer, Redbone, The Grass Roots, Bill Medley, Trini Lopez, Dick & Di Di, Ike and Tina Turner, Darleen Love of the Blossoms, The O' Jays, The Temptations, Little Richard, Donny Brooks, and The Great Louie Prima.
At this time I've release two solo albums, "All My Lovin", my latetest, and "I Can't Get Enough Of You" uner Terry Lawrence, now both  available on iTunes and other digital Stores.  I'm currently working on my third album which should also be out in a few months.I will keep you updated on upcoming concerts and appearances. Right now I'm performing at some casinos and other venues with some Jazz Duos, Pop and R&B Trios, along with my own group at corporate/private parties receptions, and concerts in the Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and Orange County areas. Contact Terry @ (626) 533-3170 


May 18th

Country Music Chart

By Jerry Mac
Now playing: Country charts
Apr 30th

James Marvell Spotlight

By Loretta

Thank you everyone who attended the Spotlight of James  Marvell.The capacity of people there was over the top.


   It was the best show with so many Singers, Songwriters,Promoters. DJ's and a Host of Fans. All of James Marvell's Songs and Video's were Great,We all enjoyed listening and watching them,Thank you James for such Great Music.  And a special Thank You to our Host and the Special Person who put this whole Spotlight together for our Entertainment, Jerry Mac. We all Appreciate everything Jerry works so hard to do for all of us. I certainly hope everyone that is reading this knows that they too are invited to attend our Great shows at, www.anymeeting.com/cmpradio Every Monday,Wednesday and Friday from 8 pm to 11 pm Eastern time. And also join our Great network at www.cmp.network-maker.com Thank you Jerry Mac and James Marvell for a Great Evening.

Apr 24th

See you at Jerry Mac's Radio Show

By Marvell


I'll be Jerry Mac's guest on April 29th at 8 pm. Hope many of you will join the get together this coming wednesday. Jerry Mac will cover my career through videos, from my days with garage bands in the 60s to Warner Brothers' and MGM recordings to several Nashville labels in the 70s and country gospel in the 90s to the present. EVERYONE is Welcomed!

 Go there between 8 and 11 PM eastern. Join us  (Wednesday, 4/29/15) from 8 to 11 PM eastern time at the CMP Online Music Show With Chat. Chat with other country music lovers (singers, songwriters, publishers, promoters, and fans, etc.). Join us by going to www.anymeeting.com/cmpradio


Thank you!


James Marvell

formerly of Mercy, The Country Cavaleers, The Skopes, Surprize plus a proud Indie artist today

Mar 27th

help me to help my hospice childs wish to meet snow white

By juliette of total khaoz

Please help me to help a family very close to my heart .I @  am a nurse for their little girl who is suffering from a disease  that she was born with .As a nurse it us very hard especially dealing with the little ones .This little girl wants to go to Disney world and meet snow white.Me as a nurse and singer of a rock band feel I should be able to raise the funds needed for this child to not only meet snow white bit to have a memorable. Last vacation that will give her love ones happy memories after she is no longer with us .thank you so much of you can donate there is a link on the bottom of this page or you can go to my Facebook .please help me to help this child get her last wish .                                  gofundme.com/totalkhaozforkids






Jan 6th


By Richard Lynch Band
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nashville, Tennessee – December 22, 2014

The poem, the song, and a place to honor their sacrifice.

Twang Thang Country announces that multi-award winning country music artist Richard Lynch, (www.richardlynchband.com) of Waynesville, Ohio has recently established the non-profit Love Tattoo Foundation to raise awareness and financial assistance for wounded veterans. The singer of, “The Last of A Dying Breed” believes that as we enjoy our freedoms we must always remember those who have sacrificed so much. Through their service, dedication and valor, our Veterans have earned our respect and support. Many Veterans bare the marks of their service with physical and emotional scars and we have an obligation to assist them wherever possible. The name Love Tattoo was inspired by a poem written by law enforcement officer Chuck Brisbin to honor a Veteran who returned home from Afghanistan severely disfigured. Chuck brought his heartfelt poem to Richard and asked if it could be put to music and perhaps used in a way as to assist our wounded heroes. After working on the song and feeling the emotion it generated, Richard knew it was destined to take on a life of its own, and the Love Tattoo Foundation was born, (www.lovetattoofoundation.org). This foundation recognizes that the horror of war and military service do not end with a tour of duty. Countless Veterans tell stories of ostracism and further wounding when they return home. Many feel they have nowhere to turn, and that is unacceptable. A primary beneficiary from the Foundations activities will be the unique WilWin Lodge in Trout Lake, Michigan (www.wilwin.org). Previously used as a lumbering operation, WilWin sits on 600 beautiful, wooded acres with over ten miles of groomed trails for hiking, riding, four wheeling, and biking. The property consist of a lodge, which will accommodate fifteen guests, a pavilion and caretakers cabin. A full commercial kitchen is also available in the conference/recreation center. Veterans with physical and emotional disabilities along with their families will be warmly welcomed for rest, relaxation and some quiet rehabilitation. The official launch of The Foundation comes with the world wide radio release of “Love Tattoo”, which is available for download at all major digital stores. The release will be followed by a major Michigan Legion Riders ride in and Richard Lynch concert in July 2015 at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan to benefit The WilWin Lodge. Promotional and other considerations provided by Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan and The American Legion Department of Michigan. LOVE TATTOO is a 501(3)C charity, gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by state and federal law. For further promotional details or information contact info@twangthangmusic.com ###
Dec 19th


By Ronaldo
 Well my friends, THE Country MUSIC IS TOO MUCH alive! Another DAY PEOPLE are discussing ABOUT THIS...AND I TELL THAT  Country MUSIC Never dies, BECAUSE WE HAVE THIS FEELINGS inside our heart....BE SURE THAT....ALL Countries, ALL PEOPLE WHO HAS a heart , a GOOD HEART AND LIKE OF GOOD MUSIC, friends, ANIMALS, a GOOD food....IS a PEARSON THAT CAN BE CALLED ...a Country MAN....or WOMAN ....AND, TO me THAT IS Great! WELL, I speak TOO MUCH for THE first time...Thanks for ALL! Certanly WE ALL HAVE THIS Country HEART THAT I SAY! Greetings! Ronaldo.Campos dos Goytacazes, Brasil.
Nov 29th


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.
We have just completed the new video for the track "Half the song" from the new album "What I'm here for" now available at CDBaby.com/cd/jaap  or Amazon.com, etc.
It was a great experience for me working with such young people - the oldest was 23 years old - who are students of film.  I think they did a great job with regards to the filming, but also in relation to the song. You will be able to judge for yourselves when you see it here at CMP. I very much hope you enjoy, both the video and the song itself, which was inspired by a comment from my 12 year old daughter.
Thank you all and I wish you a good weekend.