Apr 30th

James Marvell Spotlight

By Loretta

Thank you everyone who attended the Spotlight of James  Marvell.The capacity of people there was over the top.


   It was the best show with so many Singers, Songwriters,Promoters. DJ's and a Host of Fans. All of James Marvell's Songs and Video's were Great,We all enjoyed listening and watching them,Thank you James for such Great Music.  And a special Thank You to our Host and the Special Person who put this whole Spotlight together for our Entertainment, Jerry Mac. We all Appreciate everything Jerry works so hard to do for all of us. I certainly hope everyone that is reading this knows that they too are invited to attend our Great shows at, www.anymeeting.com/cmpradio Every Monday,Wednesday and Friday from 8 pm to 11 pm Eastern time. And also join our Great network at www.cmp.network-maker.com Thank you Jerry Mac and James Marvell for a Great Evening.