Keep Up The Country Show Internet Debut

Keep Up The Country Show Internet Debut

A Country Show the Showcases Independent Country and Americana Artists.
7th March 2017 02:00AM
On The Internet at Keep Up The Country Facebook Page.
This is a public event.


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Join Host Kelly Lee James and the cast of Keep Up The Country as they bring comedy and music to you in each episode, Show Casing some of the best in todays Independent Country and Americana Artists. Cast, Matthew Story, Michael Micham, Nancee Walker, Jason Richison, Bob York and Amanda Story. I am not sure how to set the time but it's 2 pm not am lol. And it should be there abouts, Depending on the editing.

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  • Jerry Mac
  • JKColtrain
  • Ann Brown
  • Richard Lynch Band
  • Dan Dee
  • Eric
  • KellyLeeJames

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  • KellyLeeJames
    by KellyLeeJames 1 year ago
    Yes Dan Thank you, It is scheduled for 2 pm the afternoon of March the 7th but if it's a little later then it took me longer to edit than I had planned, However it will always be there to see on the page at anytime on demand. Thanks again Dan Dee
  • Dan Dee
    by Dan Dee 1 year ago
    I will if I can I work nights depends on what time it is on.